4 cool vehicles turned into homes

August 14th, 2013

We don’t need to tell you how much we appreciate outstanding architecture and design here at Bazis. It’s quite obvious that our love for design goes beyond our own developments, as we’ve taken a look at wooden high-rises, beautiful train stations, and unusually unique buildings around the world.

This week, we paired our passion for transit with architecture and took a look at how transit can sometimes double up as a place of residence. Read on to see what we mean.

We’ve heard of old buildings turned into homes, such as this water tower or this fire hall, but it’s not everyday that you hear about vehicles being transformed into little houses.

1. A pair of Israeli women decided to transform an old public transit bus into an urban chic home.

SneakhypeThis was how the bus looked before; completely in ruins.

SneakhypeIt’s hard to believe that the above picture turned into this beautiful little home.

Sneakhype Israeli-Public-Bus-Transformed-Into-Luxury-Home-1-620x413We love the reupholstered benches

2. You may be surprised to hear that this isn’t the only time a plane has been converted into a home, it’s been done several times over the past decade. But here is one of our favourite versions of the Boeing 727 home.


We love that the plane looks as if it’s ready for takeoff.

727-2The designers built in and around the plane, using the space wonderfully. 


3. Though train cabooses are no longer being made, you can still find one and turn it into a little home or playhouse, as many have done in the past. Little homes converted from train cabooses also have us reminiscing about the popular children’s series The Boxcar Children.

caboose-vintage-train-conversionsThese steel cabooses may not seem like there’s a lot of space, but you’d be surprised with how much you can fit inside.

caboose-house-interior-remodelsSurprised? We love the idea of living in a caboose.

4. An apartment in a garbage truck? Now we’ve seen it all!

082708_truck9It looks fairly small, and like every other garbage truck.

082708_truck2It’s hard to believe that this is how the inside looks. And yes, that’s hardwood floor.

082708_truck6We love how organized the kitchen is.

Would you live in a boxcar? Or how about an airplane?