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A Look At The World’s Greenest Cities

Aug 23, 2016 ♦

Making the personal choice to lead a greener life is not as simple as it may sound. It’s a big commitment and if done correctly should effect the majority of decisions you make. Now imagine what a commitment it is for an entire city to vow greener efforts! Not only does it require changes in […]

5 Best Coffee Shops Around Yonge and Eg

Aug 17, 2016 ♦

Coffee is a must for many people starting their day and also for fuelling them throughout. If you need some caffeine in your veins and share an appreciation for a good cup of joe then you know how sweet it is to find a cafe that serves up some great quality coffee. Toronto has a […]

Spend the Perfect Summer Day in Yorkville

Aug 09, 2016 ♦

If you’re looking for a summer activity, we suggest starting by looking at a recent map of Toronto. Upon doing so you’ll realize just how many different and interesting neighbourhoods there are to check out, sprinkled across the city, some hiding in small corners. Try this: close your eyes, and drop your finger on a map […]

5 apps to help you be more eco-friendly

Aug 02, 2016 ♦

It seems as though the ‘there’s an app for that’ joke will never get old. Why? Because it’s true! Whatever you may need, want, or haven’t even thought of yet is at your fingertips. You want to quit smoking? There’s an app for that. You want to understand the Pokemon Go phenomenon? There’s probably an […]