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Colour Stories: Our Favourite Gold Decor

May 27, 2016 ♦

We’ve already highlighted blue, red, and pastels in our colour stories – this time we’re going for gold! Gold never really goes out of style. It’s something timeless to incorporate into your home and it just exudes luxury. That’s why on this edition of our colour stories, we want to put the spotlight on some […]

Introducing Estates on Bayview!

May 20, 2016 ♦

When it comes to luxurious Toronto neighbourhoods, there are a few that spring to mind – Rosedale, Forest Hill, Yorkville, the Bridle Path. Among those is also Bayview Village, the location of one of our upcoming developments that we’d like you to meet: Estates on Bayview. 

Visiting Toronto’s Past: The History of Casa Loma

May 12, 2016 ♦

Toronto’s cityscape is full of history – but most of you likely already knew that! Thanks to the good people at Heritage Toronto, preserving old buildings and landmarks throughout the city has become a priority here, which is awesome. One of the most famous landmarks in Toronto actually isn’t too far from our project, 1 […]

Historical Architecture: The Arc de Triomphe

May 05, 2016 ♦

When people travel to Paris, one of the first things they usually asked is, “did you see the Eiffel Tower?” and the answer is always yes. But, did they see the Arc de Triomphe? It is one of Paris’ most famous monuments, built in 1806, and took nearly 30 years to finish!