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October Update From E Condos: Watch Our Raft Pouring

We have so many exciting updates coming out of our bustling E Condos site at Yonge and Eglinton! Now that the crane is in and the foundation is laid, we’re all ready for the next stage – the raft pour.

In the below video, you can see our bustling site after night falls, where we’re pouring concrete to create the raft slab. Make sure you hit HD so you don’t miss a thing!



A raft slab, or raft foundation, is a style of foundation that uses steel bars to reinforce cement for a super-strong and durable base. This is one in several steps we have to take to ensure that E Condos will be safe, strong, and standing for years to come. It won’t be long until we start to develop above ground, but for now we’re not cutting any corners in ensuring our foundation is as strong as we can make it.

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Our 4 Favourite Green Designs of 2015

2015’s been quite the year for architecture the world over! We’ve seen sexism be broken down, cutting-edge new techniques and designs, and even more integration between the beauty of nature and the incredible structures man can build. Around here, you know we love anything eco-friendly and green, so this trend was of special interest to us. While Canada’s climate makes a lot of these design ideas impossible in Toronto, there are some truly staggering buildings going up around the world bridging the gap between natural and artificial. Check out a few of our faves below:

 Rosemount Towers, Dubai

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.13.37 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.13.53 PM Dubai’s architecture is truly one-of-a-kind, all about opulence and bells and whistles, so of course a building complete with a rainforest atrium and a beach could only be in the works there. Yes, Rosemount Towers, a 47-storey set of towers including both residences and hotels, will house a five-storey atrium with a miniature rainforest ecosystem inside. Plus, residents and guests can kick back on the tower’s artificial beach – in the middle of the desert. Maybe not so eco-friendly, but this project is too ambitious not to include.

Ravel Plaza, Amsterdam

Ravel-Plaza-MVRDV_Dezeen_1568sq The design for the new face of the Ravel Plaza was actually found through a competition, and it’s no wonder why this multi-dimensional proposal was the winner. Equal parts residence, retail and offices and beautiful greenery, these glassy towers seem to come alive at every corner. Amsterdam is a beautiful mixture of historic buildings and a new generation of architects and styles. This area specifically is changing quickly, and this unique building is a beautiful addition to the city’s changing landscape.

Green Canopy Community Centre, Malaysia

The-Arc-at-Bandar-Rimbayu_Garis-Architects_dezeen_784_16 The-Arc-at-Bandar-Rimbayu_Garis-Architects_dezeen_784_7 The-Arc-at-Bandar-Rimbayu_Garis-Architects_dezeen_784_4 A climate like Malaysia means that hardy trees aren’t the only landscaping option outside. This building uses architectural interest and more delicate plant varieties to create a lush look all over. We love the gently sloping atrium that gives way to a sports field, and the beautiful fringe created by the vines circling the building. Add to that a gorgeous pond and green elements throughout the interior, and you have one community centre we’d love to spend every weekend at.

Hills at Vallo Scheme, Silicon Valley

The-Hills-at-Vallco-by-Rafael-Vinoly_dezeen_784_0 The-Hills-at-Vallco-by-Rafael-Vinoly_dezeen_784_5 The-Hills-at-Vallco-by-Rafael-Vinoly_dezeen_784_4 Of course, Silicon Valley’s warm weather and influx of cash make it a perfect place for a proposal like this one: the world’s largest green roof! If approved, architect Rafael Vinoly would turn an aging shopping center into a mixed-use retail development with a 12-hectare green roof. It would be complete with 3.8 miles of walking trails, natural plant species, a vineyard and orchard, and an amphitheatre! This has to be one of the most incredible proposals we’ve seen in a while, both in size and the complete integration of plant life into the architecture itself. It will be years before the site looks anything like the renders above, but we’ll be waiting to see how this one turns out!

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How To Spend a Winter Day With the Family North of Bloor


Who said that you can’t have some fun in uptown Toronto? There’s plenty to do without having to take the whole family downtown. With our new luxury homes coming at Estates on Bayview coming soon, we’re looking forward to showing off what the Bayview area has to offer. Also, colder weather is coming and let’s face it, sometimes it can be difficult to find things to do with the family once winter hits. We’ve put together an outline of our ideal way to spend a day with the family to help avoid the winter blues – ready? Let’s go…

Morning: Start off with brunch at Origin North

Starting the day with brunch is a must. You’ve got to fuel up for the day and there’s no better place for brunch in the area than Origin North. The menu offers a variety of french toast, smoked salmon eggs benedict, a delicious frittata, and a lot of other delicious items. You can’t really go wrong and you’ll be starting the day on a good note and full stomachs.

Afternoon: Choose your own adventure: bowling, trampolines, or an escape room

Image via Unsplash

When it comes to things to do as a family, there are some really fun activities nearby. And when we say fun, we mean fun for everyone involved. We loved all of these options so we couldn’t choose just one! Here are your options:

  • The classic afternoon of bowling at Bowlerama Newtonbrook. Slip on some bowling shoes and put your skills to the test!
  • If you want to do something a little different, you can try out Skyzone. Imagine a room full of trampolines and the fun that will undoubtedly ensue!
  • Ever done an escape room before? They’re all the rage right now and being locked in a room with your family may not sound like the best idea (kidding!) but we promise that it’s lots of fun to work together as a team to figure out the puzzles. Check out iEscaped to learn more!

Dinner: Fuel up at Paradise Farms

Are you ready for one of the best burgers that you’ve ever had? Or if you’re not feeling a burger, there’s plenty of other delicious options on the menu. After a busy afternoon, you’ve earned it. This is one of the best local spots that everyone tells their friends about so check it out! But seriously, those burgers.

Evening: Lace up your skates at Mel Lastman Square

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.17.47 PM
Image via Flickr

When the cool weather hits, is there anything better than hitting up an outdoor rink? Night skating is one of the best activities and come November, the rink at Mel Lastman Square will be back in business. It’s nestled in at the back of the square and not too busy so it’ll be perfect for the whole family to hit the ice together.

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October Construction Update: E Condos

Welcome to the October construction update for our Yonge and Eglinton project, E Condos! We’re so excited for this development to begin taking shape, and now that our crane is in, progress is coming faster than ever! You might remember about a month ago, we shared this mini construction update where we explained how to install a crane:

IMG_0077 (1)

In the six weeks since then, we’ve been full steam ahead. Check it out!


Here’s another shot of our crane arm going up. We use a removable hydraulic crane to assemble our permanent one, which will be much stronger & suited for the big jobs we’ve got coming up.


In this photo, you can see the tieback drilling in progress. Tiebacks are rebar rods that are installed to add strength to the building’s foundations.


Above, you can see the elevator shafts being dug as well as raft slab excavation. Raft slabs are another key part of a buildings foundation, strengthened with concrete beams on either side. This is a huge undertaking, but extremely important!


Here, a few weeks later, you can see the raft slab has come along nicely! It has been completely laid, and reinforcing rebar is being placed on top for more strength.

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