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Construction Continues at E Condos

Feb 26, 2015 ♦

We like to catch up with our team at E Condos at least once a month to check-in on the great progress! This project is near and dear to our hearts as it’s part of an important transformation in the city of one of the most populated neighbourhoods in Toronto. Yonge and Eglinton is in the […]

Icefest 2015

Feb 25, 2015 ♦

It was a very cold weekend but that meant the weather was just perfect for an ice festival! That’s right, Yorkville just celebrated winter with the 10th annual Icefest! This year’s theme was “Frozen in Time” and sculpturists showcased their best ancient-Egyptian inspired carvings. There was also an ice carving competition hosted by Sassafraz and […]

How Bazis Builds Sustainable Buildings

Feb 20, 2015 ♦

We’ve been so enamoured with talks about condo design, wooden buildings and the ever-popular transit versus debate, that we’ve almost forgotten to talk about our own projects! Well, in case you’re wondering – everything is right on track at our various sites, but we are definitely excited for spring! This isn’t going to be a […]

Condo Living: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Style

Feb 19, 2015 ♦

Living in a condo has many perks – cool amenities, 24/7 concierge, and our personal favourite: no shovelling! It has come to our attention however, that some people feel like they’re missing out on decorating their homes as they may get to with a house. And to that, we say … hogwash! We totally believe […]

Architectural Closeup: Wooden Buildings

Feb 13, 2015 ♦

Not sure if you remember, but a few years ago we wrote about the rise of wooden buildings. The building you’re sitting in right now or the one you live in is probably not a wooden building, because they aren’t that popular in Canada. Yet.

How It’s Done: Framing

Feb 11, 2015 ♦

Last month, we published our first blog post in our new series: How It’s Done. We think it’s important that you fully understand just what goes into building a condo, especially if you’re someone who’s moving into one in the next little while, or someone who simply just wants to learn about it. Our first […]

Moving Cities: Transit VS Driving

Feb 06, 2015 ♦

City-dwellers: are you a public transit commuter or a car enthusiast? With cities getting bigger and more populated, it seems like there is less room for driving and an almost dire need for more transit. We take a look at reasons you might choose driving over public transit, or the other way around.

Creating your Smart Home

Feb 05, 2015 ♦

Let’s face it folks – the invention of new technology is moving at the speed of light, and all of our gadgets are just going to get better and smarter. We’ve already seen such an advance in mobile phones over the last several years – do you remember your old Nokia flip phone? Now your […]