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Architecture Trends: Ice, Ice, Baby

Nov 28, 2014 ♦

With the cold weather on our minds (can you believe we’ve already been graced with the first snowfall of the season?), it’s only appropriate for us to share our favourite ice buildings on the blog. We’ve found a few that we wouldn’t mind checking out, as long as we have our down-filled jackets and boots […]

First Thursdays at the AGO

Nov 27, 2014 ♦

We love that some of our favourite attractions in Toronto are turning it up a notch and repurposing their space into something more. We’ve raved about Friday Night Live at the ROM, where the Museum turns into a major party after hours (yes, you can party with the dinosaurs) and now we’re here to tell […]

Update at the Eglinton Crosstown LRT

Nov 21, 2014 ♦

It’s been a while since we updated you with the progress of Eglinton’s newest transit route, the Eglinton LRT, and we just want to tell you that a lot has happened since our last look at it. You may have heard rumblings about the traffic backups in the area, especially during rush hour,  but as […]

A night of fun for a good cause: CANFAR’s Bloor Street Entertains

Nov 20, 2014 ♦

It’s getting colder out, the snow is falling regularly and this means there are plenty of events to start looking forward to – the holiday season is right around the corner. One of those much-anticipated events is CANFAR’s Bloor Street Entertains, happening on November 25th.

Winter is Coming at E Condos

Nov 14, 2014 ♦

It’s a good time to be at Yonge and Eglinton! As our project keeps progressing, we see the neighbourhood changing and we’re so proud to be a part of it. At E Condos, we’re still in the early stages but every day gets us closer to the finished product. Read on to see what’s happening […]

The Santa Claus Parade Through The Years

Nov 12, 2014 ♦

This weekend marks the official beginning of the holiday season, and that’s because of the 110th Annual Toronto Santa Claus Parade! We love the holiday season – the festive cheer everywhere, the holiday windows at Holt’s, the peppermint in everything from lotions to our drinks, and everything that comes along with the most wonderful time […]

Your Taste of Tokyo in Toronto

Nov 07, 2014 ♦

Do you know what izakaya means in Japanese? It translates to a casual drinking establishment that also serves food, pretty much what English-speaking people would call a gastropub. There are many izakaya restaurants all over Toronto but of all the ones we’ve been to, Yuzu Izakaya was the most surprising in terms of quality and overall […]

Super-cool Public Spaces From Around the World: Aquatic Centres

Nov 06, 2014 ♦

Our love for public spaces shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, we’ve talked about them quite a bit on the blog and on our Twitter. We’re constantly sharing with you new and innovative public spaces, as well as how important it is for the community to have good public spaces open to anyone and […]