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Fashion Finds at Yonge & Eglinton

Apr 25, 2014 ♦

There are few things that make us happier than a new wardrobe for spring, or summer! We’re lucky that we have projects in some of Toronto’s most fashionable hubs, including Bloor Yorkville, and Yonge and Eglinton. We popped into a few shops near E Condos (yes, we’ve started the demolition!) to get a feel for […]

The Beauty of Mughal Architecture

Apr 23, 2014 ♦

Image via SandeepaChetan’s Travels We love looking at architecture from all around the world. Actually, whenever we travel we can’t help but comment on this building or that – wondering which architect built it, or what his or her inspiration was, and of course – when it was built. We suppose it has a little […]

10 more impressive infinity pools from around the world

Apr 17, 2014 ♦

Almost two years ago when we announced that E Condos would have the most impressive infinity pool in Toronto, we decided to take a look at other infinity pools around the world. That post is now one of the most popular posts on our blog and now that E Condos is getting ready for construction, […]

The rise of cargotecture: turning shipping containers into livable spaces

Apr 16, 2014 ♦

When it comes to building a custom home, people can get pretty creative in order to save money and work with unique spaces. 

Beautiful one bedroom suite available at 1 Yorkville

Apr 10, 2014 ♦

You’ve seen all the remarkable renderings of the building and amenities at 1 Yorkville and so now we’d like to showcase one of the beautiful one bedroom suites we have on offer.

E Condos is now ready for construction!

Apr 09, 2014 ♦

The wait is over. Construction is about to begin at E Condos and Yonge and Eglinton is about to undergo a major transformation.

Four Outstanding Examples of Preserved Heritage Buildings

Apr 03, 2014 ♦

We’ve mentioned in the past that 1 Yorkville will be different from the rest of the developments in Toronto because of three factors: preservation, porosity and changing perspectives.

The Danish invasion: How Danish architecture is taking over the world

Apr 03, 2014 ♦

The Danes are taking the world by storm with their unique take on modern architecture. We are constantly impressed with their ability to blend principles of modern design with a strong focus on sustainability.

Inside the mind of a brilliant architect: the first sketches of 1 Yorkville

Apr 01, 2014 ♦

The renderings for 1 Yorkville blew everyone’s minds away when we released them and many people have fallen in love with the building’s striking facade. We’d like to give you an idea of how 1 Yorkville was designed by showing you the first sketches that our architect Rosario Varacalli created when he first started designing the […]