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How 1 Yorkville will create a vibrant urban experience

Feb 28, 2014 ♦

Now that we’ve released all the renderings for 1 Yorkville and talked about the 3 level amenity spaces, it’s time to delve into the details for what we and the talented NAK Design Group have planned for the for the landscape space.

Rooftop Amenities at 1 Yorkville

Feb 27, 2014 ♦
Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.05.57 PM

When you’re living in one of the best cities in the world wouldn’t you want to take in the scenery from on top of the world? The rooftop at 1 Yorkville boasts the perfect atmosphere and amenities to host a fabulous party in the summer or in the winter. Last week we released some renderings […]

Why 3D Printing is the next big thing in architecture

Feb 21, 2014 ♦

We’re always on the hunt for new and cool architecture trends and we’ve noticed that 3D printing has been making headlines for quite some time now. Considering that you can 3D print almost anything in the world, from skin grafts to guns, it’s safe to say that 3D printing is the future of printing. For […]

More renderings of the amenities at 1 Yorkville

Feb 19, 2014 ♦

  Everyone has been raving about the 1 Yorkville amenities (can you say cabanas in Toronto?!) and we’re so happy with all the buzz our newest development has been generating. We thought we’d share some more renderings of our highly anticipated project. Let us know what you think!

2 reasons why Dubai’s architecture is among the best in the world

Feb 14, 2014 ♦

A few months ago we decided to start a new blog series where we take a look at different architectural and design trends from around the world. We started off the Bazis world tour by checking out the buildings and architecture in Japan, one of our favourite countries. This time we take a look at […]

6 of the World’s Best Athletes’ Villages

Feb 11, 2014 ♦

You don’t have to be a sports fan to get sucked into the Olympics. We’ve been glued to our TV screens, Youtube, Twitter, and anywhere else we can catch a glimpse of the Olympics. Because we’re so obsessed with the Olympics at the moment, we decided to take a look at what became of some […]

A Look at DesignAgency’s Impressive Portfolio

Feb 07, 2014 ♦

Last year, we spoke with Allen Chan from the DesignAgency – the team responsible for the interior design of 1 Yorkville. We briefly mentioned their impressive design portfolio but let’s jump in and take a look at three selections of their work that we particularly love.